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Sep 18 2013

Process (or – definition)

Assembled electronic PCB and system Testing – process that by means of visual inspection, automated optical inspection, analog signature analysis, power-off, in-circuit, functional and other ways of measurement examining the characteristics of product.


Competitive advantages

  • Complete test engineering resource including test strategy, program and hardware development
  • Comprehensive multi stage automated optical inspection (AOI/AXI) that ensures high quality of PCB assembling process
  • Long experience and well developed capabilities in Flying probe and In circuit testing (ICT) of assembled electronic circuits
  • Broad functional test and system development knowledge including deep competence in numerous special applications, for example  Bluetooth, GPS and  GSM/GPRS and using various methods such as LabView programming, use of Boundary scan, JTAG and others
  • Advanced expertise in developing of traceable test data warehouse solutions that are part of our Digital Manufacturing environment 



  • Development of product testing strategy as well as quality control plan
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI/AXI) comes as standard quality control tool with PCB production process
  • Development of customized test solutions including software, test programs, fixtures and complete measurement and processing systems
  • Customized environment tests for various requirements including temperature shock and other options
  • Traceable product test data in on-line or off-line database formats


Andris Klavinskis
Production Manager at Ogre plant

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