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Feb 02 2016

“… the glass is beautiful in manual mode- the hardware design had so much attention to detail - and everything was very strait forward to setup. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job – so professional! ” – feedback coming from R&D engineers working at leading US semiconductor company using HansaMatrix custom designed complex scientific equipment…


Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

HansaMatrix is using original design manufacturing (ODM) business model. When developing product or solution for its customers our company works as much as necessary to achieve its design goals. HansaMatrix seeks to receive premium for successful product designs. Several contract alternatives possible are:

  • design and know-how margin can be included in manufacturing price;
  • separate royalty payments can be established;
  • also involvement in joint shareholding with financial investors can be considered for companies in product startup phase;


Product Development Competence Areas

  • electronic and optic systems, augmented reality applications
  • industrial driving of smart glass and outdoor bi-stable display devices
  • power electronics, power charging, accumulation and tranformation systems
  • RF connectivity and testing systems
  • precise mechanics, robotics and automation.


R&D Team Development

R&D team has thus far attracted number of talented graduates from leading EU universities – including Riga Technical University, University of Southampton, University of Cambridge, just to name a few.

In order to facilitate further growth of R&D team  the company has established partnerships with Riga Technical University and Ventspils University College providing internships for Master level students in Electronics, Software development, Material Sciences and Robotics.


Science Park Development

In order to increase innovation capacity, HansaMatrix is developing its Science Park project infrastructure at Riga airport (to be opened in 2018Q1). This will create true hi tech R&D environment with collaboration of product development teams of customer engineers within “laboratory hotel” accelerator. Concurrent customer product creation with our engineering teams supported by our rapid first article fabrication will blaze a true fast-track to market path even for highly complex products.



Livs Kalnins
New Product and Technology manager

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