HansaMatrix expands into Sweden

Jan 19 2018

HansaMatrix with its main markets in Baltic countries, Germany and Finland now makes a strategic expansion opening a Sales Office in Stockholm. Morgan Högberg is announced to be a Business Development Director for the Swedish market.

The Company makes a strategic expansion opening Sales Office in Stockholm, Sweden where Morgan Högberg will take the role as a Business Development Director. Morgan Högberg has an extensive background working more than 20 years with Business Development within the Contract Manufacturing market. Mr. Morgan has worked with business growth strategies in similar roles at international EMS companies Enics, Hanza and HSF Group among others.


“What struck me when I was introduced to HansaMatrix was the high technical level within the factories, how well organized the company is and the financial strength for investments and company services development they possess. We are in a fortunate situation where we are set strategically and in operational capacity to enter the Swedish market,” says Morgan Högberg, Business Development Director for HansaMatrix Stockholm.

The Company has engineering and manufacturing sites in Marupe (suburb of Riga), Ogre and Ventspils, Latvia with key competences in the state of the art PCBA production, box build and metal parts production for optical products. R&D arm of a group has 25 engineer team with experienced product development engineers in electronics, imaging and light optics and mechanics. Company’s operation has been certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 (medical devices).

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Management Headquarters

HansaMatrix, AS
Ziedleju iela 1, Marupe
Phone: +371 6780 0002
E-mail: info@hansamatrix.com

Marupe engineering site

HansaMatrix Innovation, SIA
Ziedleju iela 1, Marupe
Phone: +371 6755 0500
E-mail: info@hansamatrix.com

Parogre manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix Parogre, SIA
Akmenu iela 72, Ogre
Phone: +371 6504 9088
E-mail: info@hansamatrix.com

Ventspils manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix Ventspils, SIA
VATP-1, Ventspils
Phone: +371 6362 0900
E-mail: info@hansamatrix.com