HansaMatrix has acomplished design of 3D display.

May 07 2015

April 2015 HansaMatrix has accomplished design and assembled prototype of first Lighstpace Technologies 3D display.

Hansamatrix R&D engineering team supported Lightspace and EUROLCDS unique volumetric display concept with crucial design expertise and fast prototyping capabilities of highly complex high speed electronic PCB assemblies.


R&D project was supported by grant financing from project No 1.10 "R&D in 3 dimensional volumetric imaging technologies" has been managed by LEO Competence center in program L-KC-11-0006 financially sponsored by EU funds and administered by Latvian Investment and Development Agency.

eraf 3d

LEO Pētijumu centra līgums L-KC-0006 ar Latvijas Investīciju and Attīstības Aģentūru.
Projekts - 1.10 "Volumetrisku trīs dimensiju attēlu veidošanas tehnoloģiju pētījumi"

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