Manufacturing Based on Innovation

Feb 06 2016

“… this was so far best production facility after Ericsson and Flextronics sites I have seen outside Sweden…”- CEO of a leading Swedish OEM admitted after visiting Ogre plant…

HansaMatrix invests not only financial capital, but also equally develops innovative ideas to produce high value added and effective manufacturing solutions.


Complete Manufacturing Services 

  • complex electronic printed circuit boards
  • mechanical; including robotic assemblies
  • optical systems
  • liquid crystal and nanotechnology devices
  • box build and complete system integration including software components



  • new product introduction engineering services (NPI)
  • design for manufacturability (DFM and DFX)
  • testability development engineering services
  • test system development


Digital Manufacturing Platform

  • CAD and BOM data verification prior creating product data sets in manufacturing environment
  • creating and maintaining of product data sets with whole revision control and overall  electronic document and record control
  • product unit manufacturing traceability information including integration of customer developed test systems into product traceable digital environment 


Customer Service and Supply Chain Management

  • order and forecast-driven
  • build to ship or just-in-time fulfilment


Alvis Vagulis
Vice President Operations

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Lielirbes iela 17a-10, Riga,
LV-1046, Latvia
Phone: +371 6780 0003
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Riga product engineering site

HansaMatrix Innovation, SIA
Lielirbes iela 17a-10, Riga,
Phone: +371 6755 0500
Fax: +371 6504 9087

Pārogre manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix AS
Akmenu iela 72, Ogre
Phone: +371 6504 9088
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Ventspils manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix Ventspils, SIA
VATP-1, Ventspils
Phone: +371 6362 0900
Fax: +371 6362 0901