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Jul 01 2020

HansaMatrix manufacturing solutions

  • In case You need professional engineering support for product design and DFM
  • In case You are developing products for ICT or IoT markets and time-to-market is crucial
  • In case You are developing complicated products that require on-going engineering support
  • In case if Your Far East manufacturing and logistic costs are growing


HansaMatrix has a Complete Manufacturing Solution for You that leverages Your business cost and increases profit


HansaMatrix technological strategy

  • Excellence and innovation – state of the art technologies combined with lean perspective
  • Standardization and compatibility at manufacturing process level
  • Scalability – same product can be manufactured from small to large volume the same process and economical way
  • Backup, safety and contingency – available substitute manufacturing locations


Electronic system manufacturing core competence areas

  • "State of the art" high mix, high complexity, low to high volume scalable printed circuit board (PCB) assembling process
  • Low to high volume box build processes, including robotic and automated solutions
  • Low to high volume standard or custom developed testing solutions

Integrated manufacturing of plastic parts

  • Automated manufacturing of small to medium volume of engineering plastic parts
  • Tool maintenance program

Supply chain management

  • Materials and components procurement and purchasing
  • Supply side logistic solutions - safety stock at suppliers or own premises
  • Customer related logistical solutions - delivery to multiple destinations
  • Warehousing and custom kitting of shipments



Karlis Rutenbergs
Customer Project and Account Manager

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Management Headquarters

HansaMatrix, AS
Ziedleju iela 1, Marupe
Phone: +371 6780 0002

Marupe engineering site

HansaMatrix Innovation, SIA
Ziedleju iela 1, Marupe
Phone: +371 6755 0500

Parogre manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix Parogre, SIA
Akmenu iela 72, Ogre
Phone: +371 6504 9088

Ventspils manufacturing plant

HansaMatrix Ventspils, SIA
VATP-1, Ventspils
Phone: +371 6362 0900