Mission and Commitment

Jun 04 2019

During 18 years of operation HansaMatrix allways believed in the mission to assist  our customers in  creating world class, cutting-edge,  market-leading products. 

Product development processes are characterized by our passion for engineering and innovation excellence. Our integrated manufacturing services provide high efficiency of electronic systems manufacturing processes combined with high yield and exceptional quality. This in turn allows us to be competitive on a global scale, even outcompeting the Far East supply chain in many cases.

Concurrent customer product creation by our engineering teams supported by our rapid first article fabrication, creates a true fast-track to market path even for highly complex products. Together with a lean, efficient and low-cost volume manufacturing operation, we create a superior three level business model (innovation, product development and manufacturing) that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our commitment has shown awareness, care and sensitivity towards local communities on environmental issues and social responsibility issues particularly when it comes to promoting education in engineering. I sincerely believe that businesses like HansaMatrix have become a positive force for the 21st century knowledge-based economy, regional competitiveness development, and environmental protection.


Ilmars Osmanis

Founder and CEO

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